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For as long as mankind has been able to pull gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and other precious commodities from the lakes, rivers and below the earth; these precious metals have been a store of wealth and a measure of economic trade. Throughout the history of human civilization, for as long as humans have recorded their history, precious metals have long been a measure of wealth. Gold specifically has been used as a method of storing and saving value for hundreds of thousands of years.

 Gold and Silver can be found in some of the oldest texts written by the earliest human civilizations. From the eariest known sandscripts created by middle eastern cultures of ancient times to the Native American stone wall paintings found in the Mid Western United States, Precious Metals are refrenced again and again through out human history. These

metals have and continue to play an important roll in everyday life. 

 In modern times, Gold is commonly held as a store of wealth and a protection measure by individuals, investors and even the largest institutional banking operations.

DID YOU KNOW: In 2019 Institutional Banks and Central Banks around the world purchased over 670 Tons of Gold for their holdings! 

For individual investors, Gold is typically held in small gold rounds, bars and coins but Investment grade Gold in .9999 form can be found in bars as large as the imagination can wonder (within reason). For example, a cube of Gold was created that weighed hundreds of pounds by a investing firm in the late 1990's. At the time this was the largest gold bullion bar every created and its creators held a Guiness Book of World Records Certification as the largest Gold Bar in the world. Most commonly Gold Bars and rounds for investors are created in half ounce, 1 ounce, 5 ounce and 10 ounce bars. Gold Bars are often traded and created in 10 to 100 ounces. Although many gold and even silver bars are traded by larger commodity houses in 100 to 1000 ounce bar and round forms.

 Unlike Gold Bars, Gold coins are usually issued by official state or federally operated mints. Modern Gold coins are typically created in specific or pre determined limited runs meant to add numismatic or collector value to each particular coin. This limited number of coins is known as Mintage and is a major factor in the value of contemporary and old Numismatic Gold Coins. Mintage numbers of Gold Coins can be found in numismatic and collectable price guides and the correlation between low year and mint mark minting and a given Gold and Silver Coin prices. 

Although the same is usually true for Numismatic Silver Coins created by modern and old government mints, many silver investors are holding what are known as common or Generic silver bars and rounds. These Silver Bars look and feel allot like the previously mentioned Gold Bars and Gold Rounds but because Silver is lighter then Gold on a Volume basis, these Silver Bars are usually much bigger then the same weight Gold Bar. The fact that Silver takes up more space is sometimes a reason why folks choose to hold Gold. The average person only needs a few Gold 1 Ounce Rounds or Gold Coins & Gold Bars to equal the same value as a Silver 1000 Ounce Bar. Investors who can afford to purchase Gold Bullion, decide to buy Gold Bullion over Silver Bullion because they save allot more space in their safes, bank deposit boxs, under their mattresses and in their floor boards.

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