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Investment Grade Bullion

Bars, Rounds, Coins, fractional Gold & quality Bullion in Barre, VT

Since the moment humans began trading, Gold & Silver have been used as a measure of value and to store wealth. These two precious metals have long been recognized by both ancient & modern cultures as real money. Gold & Silver are both rare commodities that have a limited supply which insures their value will always remain stable in relation to modern fiat (paper money) currencies. Each year, human beings work tirelessly to pull these finite metals out of the earth in order to meet the massive demands of the modern world. Since the times of ancient Rome and even before that; both Gold & Silver in the form of coins, bars and fractional pieces have been treasured. More recently Gold & especially silver have become not only stores of wealth but also highly efficient metals used throughout the world to produce everyday items like electronics and technological products. 

   With modern demand from companies like apple; a mega producers using more and more pure gold & silver for their products. Precious metals have stood the test of time by remaining both in high demand a highly valuable compared to every form of payment that the world has tried to use in their place. Today that

form of payment is the US Dollar which has been printed so much in recent times that its purchasing power has all but disintetrated due to inflation and recless monetary policy enacted by every country around the world. 

  When folks think of bullion, they tend to imagine a bank vault stacked full of bars. This is because bars are the most commonly held form of investment grade gold bullion and secondary market gold bullion. Gold bars come in many shapes and sizes, traditionally Gold has been melted down and poured into denomiations like 100 ounce, 1kilo, 10 ounce and 1 ounce bars but more recently with more and more people seeking the time tested safety that gold provides during tough times, gold has become more common in a much larger range of wieghted bars. These newer forms of gold bars can get as small as a franction of a gram and get as large as you someone is willing to pay for! 

  Fun Gold Fact: The largest Gold Bar in the world was manufactured by the Mitsibishi Company and weighs A astonishing 551 pounds. It measures roughly 960 Cubic Inches!!

Silver is much the same as gold, there are different types of bullion and investment grade products such as silver coins, silver rounds and bars produced everyday. The demand for silver is different only because the price is much more dependent on the industrial application of the metal. The investment side of silver accounts for less then half of the current market price at any given time. You can check the trading or "spot" price of silver by looking (see Kitco Ticker) on the home page. 


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