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Gold & Silver Thrift Pawn Shop is proud to be one of the premier buyers of rarities and antiques in Vermont. We have established a trust among our clients in the Centeral VT & sourounding area that is unmatched among our competitors. Our team brings a strong proffessional background to the table each and everytime a customer walks in the door. Gold Silver Thrift Pawn Shop is a leader among licensed buyers of precious metals in the green mountains and we specialize in a wide range of knowledge that spans far beyond rare coin & estate jewelry. At Gold Silver Thrift Pawn Shop we are constantly buying and appraising gold, silver, platinum, palladium,diamonds, rare paper money, odd or unusual paper items, metal and porcelain signs, oil and gas related items and advertising, historically important items, estate jewelry, sterling silver flatware and antique silver plate, watches, sports memorabilia, antiquties, fine art, sculptures, oil paintings, asian antique items and asian art, antique and old photos, mid modern decor, movie posters, movie lobby cards, autographs, tobacco trading cards, real photo post cards,stamps, ephemera, signed prints, sketches, engravings, and much more. 

We are proud to offer a vast and expansive knowledge base covering many different areas for our clients on a day to day basis. This is why so many Vermonter's go with Gold Silver Thrift Pawn Shop when its time to sell. We truly are among the leaders within the antiques & collectables field around our region.

  • Did you know?

  Gold & Silver Thrift Pawn Shop became the first legally operating and licensed pawn shop in the state of Vermont in August of 2019? Gold & Silver Thrift Pawn Shop is currently the only fully licensed and bonded pawn broker service in the green mountain state!

Over the past decade we have worked hard at building our reputation in and around our local community. We have done this in a non traditional manner that has helped to seperate us from our competitors. At Gold Silver Thrift Pawn Shop we think that the typical marketing approach of repeatedly running TV & Radio ads is a old and tired model. Instead of running non stop TV or Radio advertising claiming one of our customers got wealthy doing business with us, a common tactic in our industry, we instead have elected to rely almost exclusively on our satisfied customer reviews and direct word of mouth to spur our company growth!  We believe that the less we spend telling you fantastic stories about "paying customers more" means we actually have more to pay our customers when they come in with valuable items. Its a pretty simple theory, customer reviews + postive word of mouth after transactions = MORE BUSINESS . The less we spend on costly advertising campaigns that beat potential customers over the head with the same old advertising schemes, the more money we can spend with our customers when its time to finalize a transaction. On top of promoting through postive word of mouth and social media reviews we also hold true to the values listed throughout this site, among those values are honesty, trust, dependability, reliabilty, hard work and fair business practice.

We regularly hear stories from clients who tested the waters at other "gold buyers" and "pawn shops" in the green mountain area before finding out about us. We share in their horror when we hear some of the rediculous offers & payouts these folks accepted.  Sadly this type of interaction with customers happens far more then it should and usually ends with them saying "I wish I had known you were here when I sold the first time".  

 At Gold & Silver Thrift Pawn Shop our offers are amongst the highest in the state and we are extremely proud to offer the most competitive rates to our loyal customers. 

  • Did you know?

 Along with being one of Vermonts leading gold, silver, rare coin and jewelry buyers, we are also one of the states largest dealers of vintage and authentic movie posters. We have thousands of original vintage and antique film - movie posters available online and at our 1600 square foot showroom in Barre,Vermont. Authentic movie posters are just a small slice of the areas we specialize in and a tiny portion of the rare, unusual and valuable items we carry at our shop.

Gold Silver Thrift Pawn Shop is a proud member of many professional associations and societies. Many of these professional groups have set codes of ethics and conduct which we have pledged to follow as members. You can view these attibutions and ethical standards in our shop upon request or by seeing them in person via our in store public post wall. We gladly display these and other industry related regulatory and legal notices for all visitors to read at their leasure.

Licensed Pawn Broker, Jeweler & Rare Coin Dealer in Barre, VT.

At Gold Silver Thrift & Pawn Shop we buy Jewelry, Gold,Platinum,Sterling Silver,Sterling flatware,Estate Jewelry,

Watches,Antiques,Stamps,diamonds and even broken jewelry or vintage costume jewelry. We also purchase complete collections of items such as comic books, autographs, sports memorabilia,movie posters, historical items & much more. As demonstrated by our online reviews Gold Silver Thrift & Pawn shop is proud to have established a dominant reputation as the best choice for Vermonters looking to sell their important heirlooms,antiques, keepsakes and valuables.

When a client visits our establishment we take our time in evaluating each item they bring to us with care and professional precision. We run all of the items we purchase through a deep inspection process and eventually place select pieces in our showroom for sale. At any given time you can find a selection of fine jewelry, rare coins, large size United States paper notes, diamond engagemenet rings, diamonds, fine art, antiques and much more at our 69 South Main St. Barre, Vermont. Pawn Shop. We back every item available for sale at our rare coin and estate jewelry showroom with our word and a solid refund policy that protects our customers! We stand behind every item we sell and always have!

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